Eternal Idols_Nirasaki_Pulloverhoodie/永遠のアイドル「韮崎のアイドル」プルオーバーパーカー

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This is a pullover hoodie with an original design of "Nirasaki's Idol (No.001)" from the work "Eternal Idol".
The printed work is by TSUNAKI Kuwashima, an artist whose name is engraved in the British Museum, who believes that clay figurines (Japan) and earthenware vessels (Japan) with human motifs are messages/letters from our ancestors to awaken our latent, yet unaware, instincts. The negativity is turned into positivity in this work, as the bottom of the deeply engraved lines, which are usually obscured by black, are brought to the surface so that we can see them. This pullover hoodie is an original design of "Nirasaki's Idol (No.001)," one of the two works produced with this technique (= "ETERNAL IDOL" and "ETERNITY" ) in the "Eternal Idol" series of works.

This Pulloverhoodie is an original design of "The Idol of Nirasaki" from the work "The Eternal Idol".
Limited edition: Design changes will be made without notice depending on the number of copies sold and the sales period.

人気作品「永遠のアイドル・Eternal Idols」の「韮崎のアイドル(No.001)」のアイテム、プルオーバーパーカー
"The Idol of Nirasaki(No.001)" item from the popular work "Eternal Idols", Pulloverhoodie is now available! The bright graphic print and meticulous sewing will elevate your fashion style.

"The Idol of Nirasaki(No.001)" Pulloverhoodie is an attractive fashion item with a trendy design. It is perfect for daily coordination as well as for special occasions such as events and festivals. It is an item that allows you to casually show off your sense of style.

Please enjoy your special days with this "The Idol of Nirasaki(No.001)" Pulloverhoodie. It is also recommended as a reward for yourself or a gift for your loved ones!

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¥24,000 tax included