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The games of TSUNAKI Kuwashima can be played "anytime, anywhere, with anyone!" is one of the concepts.
You can take off your clothes, take out your bag, unwrap your scarf, spread out your luncheon mat and enjoy the game!
Here are some items that make it possible!

This tote bag has a photo print work (photo by TSUNAKI Kuwashima) printed on the front and back, with the pieces (which serve as balls) marbles arranged on that 41 and 81 game boards. The bag can be used for shopping, camping, or as a lunch box container, and the bag itself can also be used as a game board. You can arrange your favorite pieces (marbles, balls, stones, coins, etc.) and play 41 games in one person's time or 81 games in two different games with your friends (2 to 4 people).
The fabric is made of strong and durable No. 5 canvas!
It is the perfect size for everyday use such as an eco-bag or commuting to work or school, and can easily fit an A4 size bag.
The 11cm gusset makes it ideal for carrying thick booklets, textbooks, notebook computers, etc.
For more information on how to play the game, please refer to the QR code printed on the bag, or visit the website at the address below.
ホームページ/Website(QR code printed on tote-bag)

[About sizes, materials, workmanship, and precautions]
素材:ポリエステル100%(5号帆布)/Material: 100% polyester (No. 5 canvas)
本体洗濯表示:無/Body wash indication: No
Size: 36cm (width) / 37cm (height) / 56cm (handle)
※Due to the nature of the process of applying heat, the fabric may shrink and individual differences in size may occur.
※Because each item is sewn by hand, there will be individual differences in the finish and sewing.

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¥6,000 tax included